Virtue Awards

The Virtue Awards nominations are now open for 2019 to 2020 edition.

The Virtue Awards is an award ceremony held biannually to acknowledge women and girls who have displayed exemplary character and outstanding achievements in their lives, families and community at large.

Do you know a young woman who is ?

  1. Outstanding
  2. Hardworking
  3. Courteous
  4. Modest
  5. Courageous
  6. Determined

Age Categories

11 – 16 Years

17 – 25 Years

Nominator must be 30 years and above.

Awards ceremony takes places in December, every year.

Please note, if you are successful with the initial screening, reference will be required to verify all the information given.

The Awards Category

Miss Volunteer Award

This is for the young woman who has willingly volunteered her time to help others  either in her family or community.

Miss Excellence Award

This award is for the young woman who has made outstanding achievement in her education.

Special Achievers Award (Male)

This is an Award for a young man between the ages of 16 – 25 who has displayed exemplary character and / or has made an outstanding achievement.

Miss Etiquette Award

This  is for the young woman who exhibits an exemplary character and courtesy in her everyday life.

Miss Achiever Award

This is for the young woman who has successfully accomplished something significant in her life despite her challenges.

Miss Goal Getter Award

This is for the young woman who has faced adversity but still remains positive, hardworking and determined to succeed.

The Woman of Virtue Award

This is for a woman who is 55 and over who has displayed exemplary character with an outstanding positive contribution to her community.

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